Are you looking for an experienced therapist who integrates mind body approaches for change and growth? I have been trained in several psychotherapy approaches and the model that seems to integrate everything I have learned and I find the most inspiring and life changing is the Internal Family Systems approach. In addition to this, I have been drawn to Somatic IFS which uses simple, effective and profound methods of addressing and transforming troublesome patterns that don’t easily resolve with traditional talk therapy approaches. Many people in the world describe themselves as spiritual but not religious and Internal Family Systems embraces and opens connection to what Buddhists would describe as our innate goodness and wholeness and powerful capacity to bring healing to wounded and traumatized parts of ourselves. I have been a serious student of IFS for years and a practitioner of Mindfulness and Buddhist philosophy even longer. Having been a practitioner of Yoga and Tai Chi and meditation on and off for years I have become attuned to subtle shifts in body language and non verbal communication. I bring a compassionate attuned presence in the therapy room.

I am trained and skilled in helping people heal from chronic developmental trauma, relationship problems such as codependency and lack of emotional intimacy. Many of my clients reach out to me because they have tried other approaches that have helped for a while but they find themselves stuck in old patterns again that are difficult to change. Compulsive eating, anxiety, low self worth, blocked grieving, recovery from Narcissistic abuse, procrastination are just some of the problems from which my clients have found relief.

Many of my clients have been suffering for years with symptoms before reaching out for help. Self blame, embarrassment and shame from untreated childhood trauma, neglect, bullying, and discrimination can stunt our ability to reach out for help when we most need it.

A warm accepting connection with a well trained, competent therapist can provide enough safety to help you take the emotional risks necessary for change and growth.

 Comments that my clients have made regarding their therapy work with me include:

 “ I would never have been able to make the changes I have made in myself without IFS. Camille really stuck with me and helped me through the tough work of healing from very serious childhood trauma.”

“ The changes I have made in myself have positively impacted and changed my relationship with my children, my colleagues and most importantly myself. I think everyone would benefit from IFS.”

“ Camille helped me gain clarity in making a very important decision which was life changing”

“ I am healing from years of Narcissistic abuse and am now in a new loving relationship.”

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